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Bespoke Mobile Bar Hire

Largest range of mobile bars available for hire 

At Hagen Events, we specialize in mobile bar hire for intimate cocktail parties, weddings, corporate functions, or large festivals.

Our mobile bars are equipped and ready to cater to any event, whether indoor or outdoor. We tailor our services to fit your needs and have a range of options across all our mobile bar hires.

We understand how important it is that your mobile bar is fully stocked and well-tended, as well as that it blends beautifully with the theme, decor, and location of your event. That’s why one of our event planners will take the time to fully understand your requirements, location, and budget before recommending a personalized mobile bar set-up.

To get in touch with one of our friendly experts about our mobile bar hire options, please contact us now.

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Mobile Bar Hire

    Mobile Bar Hire Options

    Private Bar

    Hagen Events mobile bar hire is a one-stop-shop for private functions. From cocktail bars to traditional bars, look no further for the ideal bar hire solution. Why bother with the hassles of sorting out your own bar when we can do it for you at some of the industry's most competitive rates?

    Corporate Bar

    Planning a corporate event has never been easier. Whether you need a bar hire for an exhibition or trade show, a company event or a conference. As specialists in the industry, we will take care of all the details including branding, promotional items and a personalised drinks menu.

    Wedding Bar

    Every wedding needs a unique edge that helps it stand. What better way than with a mobile bar hire? Our portable bars can be set up anywhere whether it's a stretch tent or outdoors! We provide a range of options for our customers. Why not book an LED cocktail bar hire to add sparkle to your wedding!

    Festival Bar

    We cater to a range of festivals and outdoor events with suitable mobile bar hire to keep your guests entertained throughout. Our range of portable bar hires can be set up anywhere. We provide a customised bar hire and drinks hire service that takes away the stress when planning large events.

    Experience The Extraordinary

    Mobile Bar Hire

    Our team delivers a range of mobile bar hire services for the events industry across South Africa.

    At Hagen Events, our core mobile bar hire services include corporate events, weddings, private functions, and fesitvals.

    We are a team of industry creatives with experience, credibility, and a deep understanding of the drinks and events industries. In a sector where creativity and execution are essential, Hagen Events have grown to become the leading mobile bar hire agency.

    Our reputation now precedes us and we are regularly engaged to work on events and projects for leading brands and companies nationwide.

    Stretch Tent Hire Services

    One of the largest selections of stretch tents & tent decor

    Mobile Bar Hire

    Leading Mobile Bar Hire Company

    Hagen Events can bring you a specialized alcohol bar or non-alcoholic bar with a mix of both signature and bespoke drink options.

    Our mobile bar units are fully customized to include full branding behind lightboxes, branded napkins, and branded disposable glassware. Your portable bar can fit in with any color scheme/shape and can have branded logos served on top of their drink.

    Speak to our events team today about options for weddings, corporate events, private functions, or festivals.

    Each mobile bar hire package includes a full professional bar setup, bartenders, mixologists and/or baristas, glassware, shelves, bar mats, and bar caddies with straws, napkins, and stirrers setup.

    Leading Mobile Bar Hire Company

    Cocktail Bar Hire

    Cocktail Bar Hire

    Exceptional Events, Cocktail Bars & Bartenders

    Hagen Events pride itself on providing the largest range of cocktails to events across the country. We are constantly creating new cocktails on our never-ending journey to provide a sensory journey and stimulate different senses to increase guests’ experiences with cocktails.

    Choose from our cocktail menu options of classic cocktails with a  twist or bespoke, theatric cocktail choices. Our team of talented mixologists uses a huge array of cocktail ingredients and expertly balances each concoction to you and your flavor profile.

    With a track record of delivering diverse events ranging from 10,000 cocktails in one night to 100 bespoke cocktails and never the same one twice in one evening, Hagen Events can cater your cocktail bar to any requirement!

    Mocktail Bar Hire

    Mocktail bar hire for any occasion

    Hagen Events have previously placed a huge emphasis on non-alcoholic drinks. An area we feel has untapped potential. We use a wide range of syrups, juices, and blends to create a surprisingly diverse range of mocktails.

    Your mocktail event bar hire packages don’t necessarily need to contain alcohol and may suit events such as day parties, baby showers, religious events, and dry January events. Also suitable for exhibitions and corporate events, your mocktail bar package can be branded and perfect for guests’ interaction on your stand.

    Choose from our comprehensive mocktail menu with options including classics, personalized mocktails, and the option to add smoothies or milkshakes to your mocktail menu.

    Speak to our team today to get some ideas of what options are available to you in regards to your package.

    Mocktail bar hire for any occasion

    Mobile Juice Bar Hire

    Mobile Juice Bar Hire

    Wide range of health juices for all types of functions

    Does your company work in the health sector or emphasize employee wellbeing? Are you looking for an alternative to an alcohol bar? Are you looking for a refreshing, nutritious drink to serve out? If the answer is yes, then a juice bar hire package may be just the thing you need.

    Hagen Events create freshly made juices from locally sourced fruit & veg, to provide the optimum quality and taste. Our menu varies from mixed fruits to herbs and veg blends for you to cater to all tastes. Your juice mobile bar hire package includes commercial juicers, biodegradable glassware, and full printed menus, with the option to brand your portable bar if required.

    Smoothie Bar Hire

    Our smoothie bars are popular choices for health days and product launches

    Smoothie packages have become very popular for clients exhibiting, an alternative to teas and coffees at conferences, trade shows, and other corporate events. As a general population, we are much more clued up on our well-being and health, smoothies are a great way for a high intake of good quality nutrients required for a healthy gut and absorption for the body.

    Another key point is that Hagen Events cater to all allergens including dairy-free and vegan-friendly drinks, smoothies are great options for allergen-specific clients. We only use the best locally sourced fresh ingredients with our smoothie bars creating beautiful healthy, fresh smoothies for any event.

    Smoothie Bar Hire

    Coffee Bar Hire

    Coffee Bar Hire

    We specialise in providing a fully mobile coffee bar service and barista hire

    Hagen Events provide specialized mobile coffee bars for hire. All our concepts come with qualified baristas and a large coffee menu. Our mobile coffee bars are suitable for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, expos, road shows, product launches & other events. All our bars can be fully branded to match the theme and purpose of the event.

    Our baristas are passionate brewers and absolute connoisseurs of coffee. We specialize in numerous types of coffee drinks, including alcoholic coffees, and a range of teas and hot chocolates. Before the event, we work with you to design the perfect menu for the event.

    Food & Dessert Bar Hire

    Delicious food and beverage solutions for all events

    At Hagen Events, we have a range of mobile food bars for functions. These include popcorn bars, pizza bars, chip ‘n dip bars, burger bars, and more.

    All our bars and old-school carts can be custom branded to match the theme of the event. We are popular for events such as corporate events, expos, weddings, private functions & parties, and other activations.

    Have a sweet tooth? Consider one of our dessert bar options including waffles, crepes, mini doughnuts, churros, or ice cream and milkshake bars.

    Hagen Events mobile bar hire

    Why Choose Us

    You naturally wish your event to go well, with excited guests having fun and you as the perfect host relaxed and stress-free.

    At Hagen Events, we understand the importance of delivering success and a wow factor at your event, as a trusted five-star rated mobile bar and events company, we have delivered thousands of events and we believe in and practice our culture and mission.

    Our mission is to provide a unique mobile bar experience with entertaining bartenders for corporate, private functions, and weddings.

    As a premium mobile bar service, our culture is all about passion, we care about what we do and are proactive to deliver innovative team-orientated experiences.

    With a focus on ensuring our clients and their guests have fun and a stress-free experience by aiming to professionally create a wow-factor wherever we go!

    We look forward to serving you at your next event.

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    We know how to make sure that your event lives up to your expectations. Let our team of experienced bartenders impress your guests with their professional service.

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    We’ll work with you to design the perfect bar package for your event, making sure that we receive your input and we’re meeting all your requirements.

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    Our team works relentlessly to deliver the best mobile bar hire services. Got and urgent request or last minute booking? Get in touch and we'll make it happen.

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    Hagen Events has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to its customers. From event planning to premium cocktails, we'll meet & exceed your expectations.

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